Last Minute Testing… ugh

Game design… what a tough son of a bitch…
I spend most of my day testing and re-testing Lonewolf. Waiting for it to publish from Flash to Phone, and playing the same sequence over and over, trying to find things that won’t work, then fixing it and repeating the long process all over again, and again… and, guess what! … again.
In this cycle of testing I have no room for the thing that makes game design the best job on earth – being creative and finding fun ways to interact with the players through my games. Drawing, designing, animating, making sound effects, trying new code, watching a game come to life… That is the best thing for me as a game designer.
This last minute testing & fixing is very stressful, very boring, and very draining… But that is the beauty of it – this amazing job can’t be fun and enjoyable all the time. You have to go through some mud. The job has to test you and push you to the point making you want to quit your dream job.
This is where the universe wants to see if you are worthy of this journey to making games, this is the important part.
I have been lucky, though. There has been enough down time in the brutal phases of Last Minute Testing, and I have been able to put together a BEAUTIFUL prototype for Weapon2, and the excitement from that project fuels me enough to be able to do the monotonous death tasks of playing Lonewolf over and over and over to find problems.
I am very, very proud of Lonewolf, but at this stage in development it is common for game developers to hate their games. Right now I hate Lonewolf. It used to give me everything I love in this job and at this stage it takes it all away.
Once Lonewolf is released I will be at the absolute PEAK of game development happiness – seeing people enjoy the game!
Finally, I will be able to read reviews, comments and all of the feedback for the game. I can’t wait for this step. It’s a roller coaster ride of highs and lows (every ‘1 star review’ kills you a little inside, and every review saying ‘I love this game’ is the best feeling ever)
and you can only get this rush of feelings from putting in that super tedious, annoying, boring, slow and uninspiring bit of game design I like to call Last Minute Testing.
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  • Anthony said : All I can say is 'wow!' You have done a fantastic job on Lonewolf. The story was beautifully done and had me riveted from start to finish, or "finish", since it truly isn't over, yet. I will have you know I've been playing your games ever since the first Tactical Assassin. Many of the missions in Tactical Assassin, Sierra 7 and now Lonewolf were brutally challenging, but I had a reason to come back and continuously try my ass off to beat 'em all level by level 'til I was finished. They were, and still are, fun, fun, fun. I know one negative comment amidst a sea of positives, for some reason stays with you, sometimes. Many a time, creators like you will get messages full of nonsense to stop what you're doing, but following the so-called advice of people like those will hurt not only you, but the many that follow you and care to see you continue what you are best at doing. I want you to know how important your games are to me (even if I've never quite played all of them, and if I've only recently gotten back into them). You can't satisfy everyone, but you sure as hell have satisfied me. We all have different tastes and that's all that matters. I can't wait for what else you have in store for Lonewolf. I'm sure you get a lot of messages telling you how inspiring you are, but I believe you are inspiring because of how humble and lesser known you are and it sends me the message that simply anybody can be who they want to be if they try hard enough. I hear the same thing from other people and for some reason, they never hit me as hard as you have. I guess for me, it depends on who the message is coming from. Thank you very much for the memories, and keep doing awesome shit! Anthony January 9, 2016 | Reply
  • Christian said : You should really get to together with Alan Becker (look him up on you tube, the flaming computer mouse pointer). Although you've moved on from sticks to peeps and he still uses sticks, I think you two would make a pretty cool game. P.S. Alan and Simon lol two of the most simplest names. No offense. January 28, 2016 | Reply
  • anhquankuro said : anthony said February 11, 2016 | Reply